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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Seems I got Trouble...

seems i not update this blog and got this email's

Account removal

To save server resources and provide everyone with free web hosting we regularly remove inactive accounts. Account considered inactive if no website is uploaded or it did not received more than 10 visitors in 30 days.

I loost all my upload ....
Im sorry for this .... cos i had to get real work ... to get real money ...
my baby already born .... and i waste my time to my first child ....

I would say thanks for everyone ... that support me and always come into my blog ...
Thanks any more ...

i will update ass soon ass possible .... to get active.... the download page's

best regard,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gina Carano (American Gladiators)

Gina Joy Carano (born April 16, 1982) is an American Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. Her specialty is Muay Thai. Carano also appears as the Gladiator "Crush" on American Gladiators, where she has received a considerable fan base.

Early life

Carano was born in Dallas County, Texas, the daughter of Glenn Thomas Carano and Dana Joy Cason. She is a former psychology student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Her father, Glenn Carano, played for the Dallas Cowboys as a backup quarterback from 1977-1983 and for the USFL Pittsburgh Maulers as a starter in 1984.

Martial arts career

After racking up a Muay Thai record of 12-1-1, Carano received an offer to participate in the first ever female sanctioned MMA bout in Nevada. She was invited to the World Pro Fighting show in Las Vegas to fight Rosi Sexton from the United Kingdom.[1]

She fought on the February 10, 2007, Showtime EliteXC card, defeating Julie Kedzie via unanimous decision in what was called "the fight of the night".[2]

Her scheduled bout against Jan Finney at the EliteXC/K-1 Dynamite!! USA event on June 2, 2007 was canceled due to illness.The Fight Network and other organizations reported that she was rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to dehydration while attending a World Extreme Cagefighting event as a spectator.[3]

Carano fought on the September 15, 2007, Showtime EliteXC card, where she defeated Tonya Evinger via rear naked choke for her first career win by submission.

Carano is scheduled to fight against former Hook n Shoot champion Kaitlin Young on the CBS EliteXC debut on May 31, 2008.

Along with Lisa King, Carano serves as a mentor to aspiring female fighters in the Oxygen reality series Fight Girls. She currently appears as "Crush" on the NBC show American Gladiators. She will also be featured in the new Michael Jai White film Blood and Bone slated to be released sometime in 2008.[4]

She also was profiled in a feature story for the ESPN series E:60 which involved the serious issue of her competing in MMA because of her gender and sellind herself as a person. Due to Carano's story, she was the third searched person on Yahoo! for the day of May 13th, 2008.

Source : Wikipedia

Sexy Girls of Penthouse!

The amazingly hot Fresh Meat episode from No Good TV featuring the sexiest girls from Penthouse Magazine, Heather Vandeven, Krista Ayne and Andi Valentino, getting down right ...

David Cook performs Don't Wanna Miss Thing by Aerosmith American Idol 13 may th 2008

David Cook performs
"Don't Wanna Miss Thing" by Aerosmith American Idol 13 may th 2008

Carla Bruni soʇoɥd pǝʞɐu ǝpnu

Carla Bruni soʇoɥd pǝʞɐu ǝpnu

Free : Playboy US - June 2008

Playboy US - June 2008

Features: A little Respect! (sexy photos of our cover-girl and Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole); Carla Bruni (the hottest import and sexy new first lady from France); Jane Smiley On Green Sex (going green never seemed so good); our first feature in the Playboy Bar series (mix it up with vodka - America's most popular spirit); Incredible New Folding Gadgets (the hottest technology that moves in sleek ways including collapsible speakers, boats and bikes, and roll-up keyboards) and an interview with Steve Carell (the funnyman "gets smart").
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Free : Playboy Vixens Feb/Mar 2008

Playboy Vixens Feb/Mar 2008

For this edition of Voluptuous Vixens we've assembled 19 busty and bodacious beauties from all over the world-including gorgeous girls from Canada, England, Sweden, the Czech Republic and, of course, the US of A. The good news is that you won't need GPS to navigate the curvaceous terrain within, but we suggest that you buckle up because you're in for a wild and sexy journey around the globe.

Inside this issue:
Genevieve Michelle
Julia Morse
Jenny Milstead
Erica Lee Chevillar
Jema Stone
Amy Guy
Gabriella Hunter
Trista Geyer
Francessca DeMarco
Lisamarie Bourke
Natacha Peyre
Marta Zawadzka
Emily Dean
Louise Glover
Cikita Pechova
Crystal Enloe
Jasmine Pavel
Jenni Gentry
Emily Damiano
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